Workforce Development for Employers

The training package Fortune 500 companies choose, 
tailored to your needs and budget

Whether your workforce is on the retail floor, manufacturing plant, medical office, or corporate suite, there is a continual need to invest in upskilling and training your employees, especially as the opportunities of the future arrive at an accelerated pace.

As you look to maximize the potential of your team, we are here to support you. Benefits of strong workforce development include increased job satisfaction, productivity and efficiency, improved work processes, technical skills, low attrition, promotion from within, and proactive problem solving. 

Best Price

The market fee paid by Fortune 500 companies for this Career and Technical Education (CTE) course package is $600 NEF is greatly subsidizing this fee.

10,000 Top-rated 24/7 online Skillsoft courses (7,550 IT, 750 Business, 1,700 Office/Productivity, and 100 Industry Certification) with live mentoring for most of the certification courses and certificates from SUNY Postdam for all courses.


  1. Increased productivity
  2. Increased job satisfaction &  retention
  3. Improved skills
  4. Proactive problem solving

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