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Business Strategy & Operations 

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Popular Certification Training:

Six Sigma Yellow Belt Certification
Six Sigma and Lean: Foundations and Principles
Six Sigma: Team Basics, Roles, and Responsibilities
Six Sigma: Quality Tools
Six Sigma: Metrics
Six Sigma: Identifying Projects
Six Sigma: Project Management Basics
Basic Six Sigma Statistics
Classifying and Collecting Data
Six Sigma Measurement System Analysis
Lean Tools and FMEA
Data Analysis and Root Cause Analysis in Six Sigma
Six Sigma Correlation, Regression, and Hypothesis Testing
Six Sigma Techniques for Improvement
Six Sigma Control Tools and Documentation

CompTIA Security+
The Present Threat Landscape
Types of Malware
Social Engineering and Related Attacks
Application and Service Attacks
Cryptographic and Wireless Attacks
Penetration Testing and Vulnerability Scanning
Impacts from Vulnerability Types
Components Supporting Organizational Security
Security Assessment Using Software Tools
Public Key Infrastructure
Wireless Security Settings
Analyzing Output from Security Technologies
Deploying Mobile Devices Securely
Implementing Secure Protocols
Troubleshooting Common Security Issues
Identity Concepts and Access Services
Identity and Access Management Controls
Common Account Management Practices
Frameworks, Guidelines, and Physical Security
Implement Secure Network Architecture Concepts
Secure System and Application Design and Deployment
Cloud, Virtualization, and Resiliency Concepts
Policies, Plans, and Procedures
Business Impact Analysis and Risk Management
Incident Response, Forensics, and Disaster Recovery

CompTIA A+
Installing Hardware and Display Components
Laps Features and Mobile Device Types
Accessories and Mobile Device Synchronization
Mobile Device Network Connectivity and Application Support
TCP and UDP ports
Configuring a Wired/Wireless Network
Wireless Networking Protocols
Network Hosts
Implementing Network Concepts
Network Types
Networking Tools
Basic Cable Types
Random Access Memory
Storage Solutions
Working with Motherboards, CPUs, & Add-On Cards
Working with Peripheral Devices
Power Supplies
Common Devices
Custom PC configuration
SOHO Devices
Cloud Computing
Resolving Problems
Troubleshooting Printers
Comparing Common Operating Systems
Microsoft Operating System Installation & Upgrade
Microsoft Command Line Tools
MS Operating System Administrative Tools
Windows Control Panel Utilities
Application Installation, Networking, & Tools
Security Fundamentals
Critical Security Concepts
Software Troubleshooting
Operational Procedures Best Practices
System Utilities


CompTIA Network+
Ports and Protocols and the OSI Model
Routing, Switching, & IP Addressing
Network ologies & Technologies
Cloud Concepts, Network Services, & Cabling Solutions
Networking Devices
Network Storage, Virtualization, & WAN Technologies
Documentation and Diagrams & Business Continuity
Network Monitoring & Remote Access Methods
Policies and Best Practices
Security Devices, Wireless Security, & Access Control
Network Attacks & Device Hardening
Mitigation Techniques
Troubleshooting Methodology & Tools
Troubleshooting Connectivity & Performance Issues
Troubleshooting Common Network Service Issues
Additional Network Services

PMI Certified Associate in Project Management
Project Management Introduction
Project Fundamentals
The Process Groups
Project Initiation and Planning
Managing Project Work
Project Changes and Closing
Capturing, Analyzing, and Using Project Lessons Learned
Strategically Focused Project Management
Plan and Define Project Scope
Create Work Breakdown Structure
Validate and Control Scope
Define and Sequence Activities
Develop the Project Schedule
Control the Project Schedule
Creating a Project Budget
Keeping Your Project on Budget
Planning Quality Management
Manage and Control Quality
Quality Methodologies and Standards for Project Management
Plan and Acquire Resources
Develop and Manage Resources
Plan and Manage Communications
Monitor Project Communications
Planning Risk Management
Identifying Risk
Analyzing Risk
Responding to Risk
Procurement Planning
Procurement Management
Planning Stakeholder Engagement
Managing Stakeholder Engagement

Certified Ethical Hacker, EC Council
Ethical Hacking Overview and Threats
Hacking Concepts
Security Controls
Pentesting, Laws, and Standards
Host Discovery and Scanning with Nmap
ProxyChains and Enumeration
Vulnerability Analysis Concepts and Tools
Password Attacks
Privilege Escalation
Covert Data Gathering
Hidden Files and Covering Tracks
Malware Threats
Malware Distribution
Network Sniffing
Social Engineering
Denial of Service
Session Hijacking
Evading IDS, Firewalls, and Honeypots
Hacking Web Servers
Common Web App Threats
Practical Web App Hacking
SQL Injection
SQL Injection Types and Tools
Wireless Hacking Concepts
Wireless Hacking Tools
Wireless Hacking Common Threats
Cracking and Mobile Hacking
IoT Concepts
IoT Attacks
IoT Hacking and Countermeasures
Clouding Computing Concepts
Cloud Computer Attacks
Cryptography Concepts
Cryptography Attacks

Cisco CCNA
Networking Components
Networking Components – NGFW, NGIPS, & Cisco DNA Center
WLCs, Access Points, Servers, & Endpoints
Network ology Architectures
Network ology Architectures – WAN, Cloud, & SOHO
Layer 1 Interfaces & Cabling
Layer 1 Physical & Configuration Issues
Networking Protocols
IP Addressing Basics & Configuration
IPv4 Subnetting
IPv6 Addressing & Configuration
Virtualization Concepts
Network Access, VLAN Configuration, & Interswitch Connectivity
L2 Discovery Protocols & L2 and L3 EtherChannel Configuration
Spanning Tree Protocol
Cisco Wireless Architecture & WLAN Components
Cisco WLC Configuration & Wireless Management Access
Static Routing
Dynamic Routing
Configuring & Verifying NAT
SNMP, Syslog, & PHB for QoS
Configuring SSH, FTP, & TFTP
IT Security Concepts
Security Program &Password Policy Components
AAA Security & VPN Types
Configuring & Verifying ACLs
Configuring Port Security, DHCP Snooping, & DAI
Automation, Network Programmability, & SDN Architectures
APIs & Cisco DNA Center
Configuration Management & JSON Encoded Data

ISTQB-BCS Certified Tester Foundation Level

Popular Work Skills Training:
Successful Presentation Skills Series
Basic Presentation Skills: Planning, Creating, Delivering a presentation
Giving Successful Presentations
Making the Most of Your Presentations
Presenting Virtually
Skills for Communication Success Series
Communicate with Diplomacy and Tact
Engaging with Others
Note Taking Skills
Technical Communication Skills
Effective Communication
Career Development Series
Interview Strategies for the Interviewee: Preparing
Making a Positive Impression in an Interview
Managing Your Career
Creating a Plan for Your Career
Critical Thinking Series
Critical Thinking Essentials
Decision-making and Problem-solving
Analogical Thinking
Thinking Critically: Getting Your Arms around Arguments, Drawing Conclusions with Confidence
Effective Time Management and Productivity Series
Effective Time Management
Performance Under Pressure
Personal Productivity Improvement
Discovering Your Strengths
The Art of Staying Focused
Overcoming Procrastination
Optimizing Your Performance on a Team Series
Establishing Team Goals and Responsibilities
Being an Effective Team Member
Elements of a Cohesive Team
Effective Team Communication
Mentor Relationships
Virtual Teams
Adapting to Change Series
Dealing with Organizational Change
Organizations Change So Get Ready
The Importance of Flexibility in the Workplace
Growth Mindset
Digital Economy Skills
Networking and Building Work Relationships Series
360 Degree Relationships
Building Improved Work Relationships
Creating a Solid Support Base through Peer Relationships
Building a Circle of Connections for Networking Success
Building a Win-win Relationship with Your Manager