First Graders use their Academic Award to Support Local Bookstore

June 30, 2020 First graders in the National Education Foundation (NEF) Academy program at Friday Harbor Elementary have worked diligently all year to exceed academic achievement standards in math and language arts, which has earned them incentive dollars. Instead of using this award for themselves, they decided to support local business, Griffin Bay Bookstore, by purchasing gift cards for their own class as well as all the other 1st graders and Kindergartners at their school. A heartwarming story of kindness and academic success in these troubled times.

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Brocton Central School’s STEM Program Gets Recognized

June 8, 2020

The National Education Foundation has recognized Brocton Central Schools for its distinguished implementation of NEF’s Total STEM System Solution.

Campbell Schools Recognized with STEM Merit Award 

June 4, 2020

The National Education Foundation has recognized the Campbell City School District for its distinguished implementation of NEF’s Total STEM System Solution. This STEM initiative focuses on a strategic approach to learning for students and school districts, with individualized learning, mentoring, performance tracking, awards, certificates and teacher training — IMPACT.

NEF’s National STEM Award Goes to Barr-Reeve Schools

June 2, 2020

NEF announces Barr-Reeve Community Schools as the winner of its 2020 National STEM Award. This honor recognizes the NEF-SUNY STEM+ Academy at Barr-Reeve as the best in the country – a premiere program that is leading the way in bringing unparalleled STEM education to all students.

Somerton School District Awarded 2020 STEM Merit Award

May 29, 2020

The STEM Merit Awards celebrates schools focusing on a strategic approach to learning by making an impact for students and school districts. Amid a pandemic, Somerton School District in partnership with NEF has used creative digital learning tools for all of its students.

A Model of Successful Distance Learning: Chester Upland NEF Academy

March 31, 2020

The NEF Academy program at Chester Upland School District is a stunning model of successful distance learning, with the majority of students on track to achieve more than a year of growth in math and reading this academic year. This is a notable turnaround, since prior to establishing the Academy only a third of students were meeting grade level standards. NEF provides grants for almost the entire cost of the program. Virtual school students’ grades and test scores greatly improve, attendance rates up 95%!

3 Years of Academic Growth in 1 – NEF’s Incredible Success in Somerton

March 5, 2020
NEF STEM+ Academy program at Somerton School District shows its students are on track to achieve three years of growth in math and reading this academic year. Somerton, like many districts with predominantly low-income, English learner students, was struggling to meet academic standards. With the help of a grant, they were able to bring in the comprehensive NEF STEM+ Academy program, which utilizes SuccessMaker to provide individualized math and reading education.


Valley Cyber Program Receives National Recognition

December 7, 2019

Recently recognized as the November “Academy of the Month” by the National Education Foundation. “It is a great honor for us here at Shikellamy,” Gittens said. “We are continuing to grow this program and it to be recognized for our hard work is truly an honor.” Superintendent Jason Bendle said this past summer he intended to push the program and wanted it to become a model for other districts across the state to follow.


Brocton Central School wins national STEM award

June 23, 2019 One full grade level: that’s how much Brocton Central School students have advanced in reading and/or math this year, thanks to the district’s participation in the National Education Foundation’s Total STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) System Solution program.