What people say about National Education Foundation

Former President Bill Clinton to  NEF Chairman Dr. Kuttan:clinton
“You are helping to empower tomorrow’s leaders. I salute you for your ongoing commitment for creating a better and stronger America.”


Project Management Student: I recently completed the Project Management program. The course content and presentation are par excellence. The online mentors were dedicated and were available all the time. The course that I took is 10 times better than the commercially available courses. The fee was most affordable. But for NEF, I could not have afforded an advanced course in Project Management. Thanks. I am now ready to take the PMI examination.

CISCO Student: Happy to tell you that I just completed the CISCO certification. The entire credit goes to NEF and SUNY certification courses ..very informative, comprehensive, highly illustrated, and educational……but for the NEF Scholarship, I could not have afforded the course.

Business Analytics Student: I completed the Certificate Program in Business Analytics. I got a job immediately. The program is extremely useful, and I believe that it is a must for all management students and working professionals. It definitely helped me- my productivity went up!

CyberSecurity Student: Thanks to National Education Foundation, I completed the CyberSecurity course, and am considering several job offers.