Engage Students with a Unique STEM Experience

STEM Program

The National Education Foundation’s STEM Program offers School Districts the most cost-effective System Solutions through SuccessMaker (K-8) Red Comet (6-12) and eDynamics (6-12)

We provide unique, cost effective, top-rated CTE and STEM System Solutions with:

IMPACT services – Individualized learning, Mentoring, Performance tracking, Awards for students and teachers, Certificates from SUNY, and Tech support, to prepare students better for high-demand jobs and college.


The Evidence

We offer the largest library (10,000+ courses) of top-rated web-based, courses for K-12, mapped to every state’s standards, in STEM, CTE, Digital Literacy, Social Studies, IT, Business, Desktop, Job Skills.

  • K-8: Math, ELA (by Savvas SuccessMakerand Digital Literacy
  • 9-12: Math, ELA, Science, Social Studies (by Savvas and others)
  • IT: 5,000 top-rated courses including IT certifications from basic (Digital Literacy & Microsoft Office) to advanced (Internet Security)
  • Business and Management: 750 top-rated courses and videos including certifications in Project Management
  • Desktop: 1,500 top-rated courses including certifications in Microsoft Office and Adobe.
  • Digital Literacy: Top-rated courses including the IC3 Certification
  • Test Prep: Top-rated SAT/ACT/GRE/GMAT/TOEFL

Career Technical
Education (CTE)

The CTE Module helps each student lay out a pathway to specific careers in IT, Business, Productivity and industry certifications such as CyberSecurity, Data Science, AI, Project Management, MS Office, Google, Oracle and CompTia.

Additionally, for teachers, parents and community members, we offer the same catalog of over 10,000 IT, Business and Productivity job ready courses with a 90% grant.


Grades K-8

Top-rated SuccessMaker provides students with an adaptive reading and math curriculum with formative assessments for K-8 grades. It includes individual student assessments and PD training for teachers.

Students advance a grade level in math or reading in 30-35 learning hours!


Grades 9-12

Red Comet provides online and blended learning courses meeting state curriculum standards in all core high school courses. Our program includes individual student assessments and PD training for teachers. eDynamics provides basic CTE education in IT, business and health sciences for 6-12 students.

Evidence with Charts and Graphs

The National Education Foundation helps create the most cost-effective STEM+ Academy model for your schools, and thus help students, teachers, staff and parents acquire world-class STEM+ skills and 21st century job skills. Our 2,500+ top-quality web-based courses cover all of your needs

YearReading GainReading Hours per 1.0Math GainMath Hours per 1.0Combined Avg GainCombined Avg Hours per 1.0

NEF Academy Data shows significant improvement in Math and Reading on State tests. This is how we do it:

Personalized student learning in:
  • K-8 Math, English Language Arts (reading) and Digital Literacy
  • 9-12 Math, ELA, Science, Social Studies and SAT/ACT
  • Career Tech IT (includes 100+ IT certifications with Instant Live Mentoring), Business, Management (including Project Management certifications) and Desktop Skills (Office, Personal & Professional Development)
High-quality jobskills training…

for any teacher/staff/parent/community member seeking personalized in IT, Business, Management and Soft Skills (Personal & Professional Development). Many of our courses are ranked at the top by the US Education Dept. and of the highest quality. Our program is very flexible. Schools could deploy these Web-based courses in the classroom, after school or at home for students, teachers and parents. We provide these courses – worth millions of dollars – to the disadvantaged schools across the nation as part of our national STEM+ academy initiative to educate a million disadvantaged students in STEM+ as well as Career Tech skills. Anyone completing the IT/Business/Management/Soft Skills/ Digital Literacy courses will receive course completion certificates from our acclaimed academic partner, the State University of New York (SUNY), the largest university in the U.S.

Funding for student incentives, motivational leaderboards, and staff stipends

Our team works with your school to provide funding for incentives that will be most effective for your students to achieve success – and enjoy doing it! Stipends for Academy Directors and other staff members who assist running the STEM+ Academy Program are available as well.

Teacher Training

to use the Personalized Student Learning software effectively and to the best advantage of your students.

Motivational Contests

Focusing on the latest in STEM+ concepts, including Minecraft, Scratch coding language, professional CAD software via the RWDC, and student health and fitness topics


What Our Superintendents Have to Say

Wayne Brookhart Superindentent Berwick, PA

“Our partnership with NEF has created enhanced learning opportunities for our students and it has also helped us in our community. It has saved us about $300,000. The price of NEF services is significantly lower than any private vendor we’ve researched and the savings we’ve realized have allowed us to re-invest funds in extended learning opportunities for students in ways we had not previously envisioned. We would highly recommend NEF as a partner for any school district who is looking to enhance its’ on-line learning opportunities for students in a cost efficient manner.”

What Our Directors and Principals Have to Say

Rick Meyer Academy Director Sidney, NE

“Just using our leaderboards – everyday students see me in the building are asking if the leaderboards are updated, when they are going to be updated and then also they want to know when our next events are.”

What Our Teachers, Parents, and Students Have to Say

Lisa Franklin Math Teacher Warren, PA

“Last year we implemented SuccessMaker with the help of NEF and we noticed significant growth within each child’s abilities”

States with NEF Partners: