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NEF-SUNY 100%  MODEL K-8 STEM ACADEMY Grant ($100 Million)
Summary and Application for School Year 2018-19

by NEF (National Education Foundation), global non-profit leader in K-12 STEM Education
and SUNY (State University of New York), the largest university in the U.S.

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Grant Offer: The first 100 K-12 schools qualify for 100% subsidy of the NEF STEM program. Certified by SUNY and approved for all 50 states. All others receive an 80% subsidy.
Grant Rationale: U.S. students are ranked in the bottom 30% in STEM education globally
Goal: To provide world-class academic (mapped to every state’s standards) and applicational (STEM design contests and awards at the District, State and National levels) STEM+ education to a million K-12 students to prepare them for college and the 21st century jobs
Eligibility: Any school district/school with 35% or more students on free/reduced cost meals, girls schoolsminority schools; Others pay a higher fee.
Deadline: November 9, 2018. Grants are awarded to the first 100 school districts/schools demonstrating the highest level of commitment to create successful model STEM programs, that can be replicated easily. Initially, the NEF Grant would support one K-8 class of 30 students.
Expected Results:

1.     At least 90% of K-8 students would advance a grade level in math (same for reading) during the school year, if the students actively work on our program for 60 minutes a week for 35 weeks

 2.    At least 90% of participating students demonstrate increased interest in STEM academic and application skills.

Your Cost: The cost per student per year for proving the world-class the STEM+ program is $2,450. With NEF providing 100% grant, your cost drops to ZERO for 2018-19. You have the option to sign up for additional years at a cost per student of $145– $580, depending on the # of modules (Academics, Hands-on Robotics, Application Contests by SUNY and STEM Career Prep, each $145), with an 80% grant from NEF. 

What You Get: You will receive the following, as part of NEF’s Total STEM System Solution (TSSS) Services, namely, PSL-MMP- TCHP:

  1. Personalized learning courses mapped to your state standards (top-rated SuccessMaker for K-8 math & ELA,  Digital Literacy, and Skillsoft for Career Tech IT/Business/Soft Skills/Professional Development) for Teachers and Parents.
  2. Stipend for the Director of the program, principals and teachers
  3. LMS (state-of-the art)
  4. Mentoring
  5. Motivational rewards for students (cash, gift certificates, Minecraft licenses for STEM Design Contests,  etc.)
  6. Professional Development, and student/teacher/parent job skills training (in 200+ IT and Business certifications with 8,000 world-class online courses, live online mentors and 40,000 video clips)
  7. Tech support by SUNY and weekly evaluations (with Olympic Boards–Bronze, Silver and Gold levels)
  8. College Credits from the State University of New York (SUNY) for $50/credit, a 90% subsidy
  9. Hands-on STEM such as Robotics mapped to NGSS- Next Generation Science Standards
  10. Pathway for STEM Careers (Career Prep)

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