STEM+ Energy


$400 Million CTE/STEM+ ENERGY for K-12/College by NEF, SUNY and Solar Energy Partner

Zero cost, zero capital outlay, zero risk or debt 100% grant for CTE/STEM, and Digital Literacy Training etc.


  • Investor Group
  • NEF (National Education Foundation)–the national and global non-profit leader in K-12 CTE/STEM System Solutions with proven results.
  • SUNY (State University of New York)– the largest and one of the top universities in the U.S.
  • SOLAR PARTNER… global energy efficiency corporation that offers a unique, one-of-a-kind shared savings service, using the latest technology platform and energy monitoring system, ensuring savings to pay the investors, NEF, and most-importantly the School Districts/Colleges to help meet their urgent needs such as CTE, STEM etc.


NEF recently launched a VISION FOR AMERICA to help prepare ONE MILLION students for world-class high-demand Careers and College, after consultations with the White House and the Congress.


The First 50 School Districts/Colleges, with 35% + Free / Reduced Meals.


Ongoing basis

What Your School District Gets:

  1. Free upgraded or new energy efficient, healthier school facilities with automatic, and state-of the- art solar energy management systems
  2. NEF-SUNY top-rated, proven CTE/STEM System Solutions
  3. 100% Grants for CTE, STEM, and other crucial needs you have

Cost to Your School District/College:



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