Grants & Support Resources

Providing World-Class Education in Reading & Math

Goal: To provide world-class education aligned to state standards to a million K-12 students to prepare them for college and competing for jobs of the future.

Eligibility: All are eligible. Priority is given to any school district/school with 35% or more students on free/reduced lunch

  1. 100% Reading & Math Grant
  2. Adopt-A-School Grant

Our grant program is made possible through generous philanthropic gifts.
We are flexible with module implementation to meet your needs.

100% NEF-State University of New York (SUNY) Grant Programs

NEF has (11) 100% grant programs that are run in conjunction with the State University of New York.  The programs are geared to youth as well as individuals in careers.

Click the areas below to learn about each 100% Grant Program.

For Schools

100% Grant CTE Schools
100% Grant CTE College/Career Prep
100% Grant K-8 STEM
100% Grant K-12 STEM
100% Grant K-12 Adopt a School

For Careers/Workplace

100% Grant CTE Workforce Development
100% Grant Employers
100% Grant Non Profits/Donors

For Individuals

100% Grant Job Seekers
100% Grant Digital Literacy