Immerse Students in
Real-World Challenges

Our Total STEM System Solution is focused on K-12 education and offers three modules. The three modules offer a project based learning solution that provides engaging, authentic lessons built around careers. Our cross-curricular projects provide opportunities for students to deepen understanding and apply their knowledge in real world scenarios.

We believe in providing support to schools, with a mission of “Quality Education for All.” Students deserve exciting learning exp­eriences that empower them to thrive. Support is available now to help you provide your students with The Total STEM System Solution.

Your students will r­eceive a Personalized Adaptive Learning experience through a Learning Management System. Hands-on Project Based Learning activities will enable creative thinking. The program provides teachers and administrators with the Technical Support and resources they need to devote more time to inspiring students. Teachers have the opportunity for Professional Development, Performance Monitoring and Mentoring along the way. With CTE courses, College Credits may apply. Motivational Programs include opportunities for teacher Stipends while students are motivated with Incentives, and the chance for participating in optional Contests.

Our unique IMPACT services help your students to get engaged in STEM and achieve outstanding performance:

Individualized learning
Performance tracking 
Awards for students, teachers and academy directors
Certificates from SUNY
Teacher training


Module 1: Academics

The Academic Module features Savvas’ SuccessMaker and Red Comet programs. It includes licenses and teacher training with an adaptive learning experience.

SuccessMaker is an adaptive intervention platform focused on reading and math curriculum with formative assessments for grades K-8. The platform includes assessment tools which provide students with material that builds a solid academic foundation, aligned to state and national standards. This adaptive learning platform ensures that students have gained foundational skills, through challenging content both at and just beyond their current level of mastery to ensure constant growth. SuccessMaker reports and predicts progress while helping students reach key milestones to advance at least one grade level during on academic year.

Red Comet is an online and blended learning tool managing core standards-based curriculum and assessments for students in grades 6-12. Content areas include Math, Science, Social Studies, ELA,  electives, and Credit Recovery. With the oversight of an instructor, students can enroll in courses in such a way that best matches their interests or their schedule. Red Comet’s course package gives you the power to address virtual and blended learning, credit recovery, dropout prevention, alternative education, English, and summer school in an engaging all-in-one curricular platform developed by industry leaders.

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Module 2: Robotics

The hands-on Robotics Module brings project-based learning activities to your classroom with robots and drones along with STEM curriculum mapped to NGSS standards. We offer a full K-12 robotics pathway of courses. Each course focuses on the engineering design process and coding. Hands-on maker activities engage students while providing a way of understanding technology through robotics. The complete STEM curriculum for grades K-12 is mapped to NGSS standards and it features virtual professional development support for teachers of all grades and subject areas. The curriculum scope and sequence is flexible and adaptive.

Module 3: Career Technology Education (CTE)

The Career Technology Education (CTE) Module helps each student lay out a pathway to specific careers. We offer 20 career pathways in IT, Business, and Health complete with a range of electives. Each course sequence comes with micro certifications and prepares students for industry level certifications. The Certification training courses prepare users to take industry standard certification tests and open the door for new employment opportunities.