Engage Students with a Unique CTE and STEM Experience with OUR 100% Grants.

We provide unique, cost effective, top-rated CTE and STEM System Solutions with:

IMPACT services – Individualized learning, Mentoring, Performance tracking, Awards for students and teachers, Certificates from SUNY, and Tech support, to prepare students better for high-demand jobs and college.

The CTE and STEM Programs

The National Education Foundation’s CTE and STEM Programs offer School Districts and Colleges  the most cost-effective System Solutions through      Skillsoft- for High School and College (IT, Business, Productivity and Industry Certifications),  SuccessMaker (K-8) GradPoint (6-12) and eDynamics (6-12)

90% NEF-SUNY GRANT: Market fee: $1,650 per person.  90% grant ($1,485) from NEFThe other 10% ($165 per person) comes from any source including Federal Stimulus Funds/State Funds, Solar energy savings etc.  Teachers and parents also receive 90% grant.


Career Technical Education (CTE)

The CTE Module helps each student lay out a pathway to specific careers in IT, Business, Productivity and industry certifications such as CyberSecurity, Data Science, AI,  Project Management, MS Office, Google, Oracle and CompTia. Additionally, for teachers, parents and community members, we offer the same catalog of over 9,000 IT,  Business and Productivity job ready courses with a 90% grant.



Top-rated SuccessMaker provides students with an adaptive reading and math curriculum with formative assessments for K-8 grades. It includes individual student assessments and PD training for teachers. Students advance a grade level in math or reading in 30-35 learning hours!


9-12 STEM

GradPoint provides online and blended learning courses meeting state curriculum   standards in all high school courses. It includes individual student assessments and PD training for teachers. eDynamics provides basic CTE education in IT, business and health sciences for 6-12 students. 



“NEF has provided me with the tools necessary for succeeding in the competitive workforce. The highly interactive courses have helped me to learn new skills and reinforce existing skills. With my new skill sets, I am now confident about succeeding in my career path.”
“In no time at all I was signed up and using the NEF CompTIA A+ courses. The skill assessment testing quickly determined my main area of skill weakness, and provided me with a custom learning path. I passed the CompTIA A+ exam five days after I started using the courses!”

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